How Did You Get Here

by Ashkon and sullivann

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Remix of the tUnE-yArDs song Hatari featuring the Brooklyn based artist, sullivann.


The name's Ashkon Davaran, it's what my mom named me,
descendants from Iran, but the Bay where she raised me,
Known to go dumb, Iotolla Khomaini,
I already told you youngen's I'm fuckin crazy!
Axl Rose Shit, Slash and dispose kids,
fast when I roll spliffs, ash in some old kicks,
"Awww shit! Them them Jordan 3's???"
"Naw mayne, just some dunks"...boy I'm so low key
Not really though, known to explode on scenes
Ashkon speaks louder than words, yadadamean???
Outcast, so fresh so clean,
Outlast the best on your team,
Known to go faster, roll up and straight gas ya,
already lookin past ya, outta my way bastard,
already lookin past ya, out of my way bastard,
After I'm finished there shall be none after,
Don't believe ME, go and ask your pastor
None the less, I'm far from my best,
I fall like the rest, I'm often a mess, I'm
A human being meaning, you and me are used to being, useless on occasion, if you choose to change the station, I approve, but pay attention to the way you say I'm stupid, cuz my Cupid arrows sharp and I might aim one at your heart and have to kill you all with kindness for your sentence even starts,
What up Art? That's my little bro,
Start shit with him, and I'll be at your throat,
They ain't gon let me in, I'm knockin down the door,
Now let the record spin, and let the record show, I win

Got on a plane (how did you get here)
Packed a pack (how did you get here)
Everything changed (how did you get here)
Your still the same (how did you get here)

How did you get here, How did you get here
How did you get here, How did you get here


released April 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Ashkon California

Ashkon is a singer-songwriter/actor/emcee originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, now relocated to NYC. His style is diverse, ranging from lyrically driven hip-hop, to acoustic folk/soul, to over the top, up to the minute pop. He is perhaps most widely known for his viral music videos which have received over 5 million views to date. ... more

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